The Janus Enigma

Janus — the man-made gateway to the stars, an immense, multilayered sphere orbiting the sun far out in the solar system — the last hope for humankind as they seek to escape a dying Earth, but only if they can afford to pay the price demanded by the Ultra-conglomerates, who own most things and control everything.

Calder — college dropout, ex-military, freelance bounty hunter, part-time minder in Mamma Lou’s licensed bar & whorehouse and full-time cynic.

Calder knows all about trouble. He was born to it.

For most of his life in the crowded, often lawless and always dangerous Outer Levels of Janus, he’s had to rely on his wits and his talent for violence simply to survive.

When he’s offered an insane amount of money to find the missing son of one of the richest and most powerful women alive, he can’t resist.

Aided by Sunny O’Malley, a mildly psychotic colleague from his time in the military, and the Krasskovs, one of Janus’ many criminal organisations, Calder’s search leads him through the shadowy underworld of the Outer Levels, down into the wealthy and privileged Inner Levels and far into the depths of space. There, a horrific discovery drives him on to untangle a web of conspiracy, murder and deceit.

With his life constantly under threat, Calder goes on to discover a deeply hidden secret — one which has shaped the very destiny of humanity.