How Big Is Janus?

It’s huge! Janus has a total of 55 separate concentric, spherical levels. From the outermost, which has a diameter of 14 miles, the levels reach down nearly 3 miles to the innermost — the Containment Level.


Each level is made up of a latticed collection of thousands of interlinked plasmetal boxes known as chambers.


In all, Janus comprises over half a million chambers, of varying sizes and is home to over 60 million people — excluding transients arriving from Earth to journey through the Janus Gate.


Some of the levels are devoted to the production of food and everything else necessary to live on Janus or to travel through the Gate. Others provide power, atmosphere and water and manufacture everything from new chambers to toothpicks, using raw materials gathered from the Asteroid Belt. Some are a mixture of commercial and residential chambers, containing both dwelling-units and retail outlets.


The three uppermost levels, those furthest away from the central core are known as the Outer Levels — a crowded, squalid and often dangerous place, home to the millions who have fled a dying Earth, but can’t afford to pay for a trip through the Janus Gate.