Mexican Charlie & Eugene

Which one are you?


I’m Eugene.


I was expecting two of you — you and a Mexican Charlie.


Charlie doesn’t go out much. He’s a very private person — prefers to stay in the background.


So he’s not coming?


No — just me.


Okay. You’re his assistant, am I right?


Sort of, yeah. I help him out with lots of things — meetings, paperwork, admin, technical stuff — you know.


And what is the nature of your business, yours and Charlie’s.


Real estate. We’re in real estate.




We get by. We’re small-time compared to the Ultra-cons, but we don’t have their overhead. Means we can sometimes offer things cheaper than them, or things they can’t be assed to put on their books — you know.


So you pick up the crumbs that fall from the Ultra-cons’ tables?


One way of putting it, but it’s fairly steady — and there’s nothing illegal. We don’t go in for that kind of thing.


Are you and Charlie very close?


Yeah, you could say that — We’ve been together for quite a time. I like him, even though he sometimes bawls me out for almost nothing at all. He has what you might call a short temper, but it never lasts long.


Thank you, Eugene. Say hello to Mexican Charlie for me, will you?