My Review Policies:

I am a former teacher of English, a retired  thirty-year veteran of journalism, editing and radio and TV production and, latterly, an author. I do not accept payment, or any kind of "deal" in exchange for a frank and honest review.

I cannot guarantee to review everything I am offered. I WILL be highly selective, accepting only those books which grab my interest and, in my reviews, I will be, sometimes painfully, truthful.

I will only review published works ("indie" and self-published authors are welcome) in the following genres:

Science Fiction, Thrillers and Historical novels, but not YA, Romance, Children's Fiction, Religious Fiction, Erotica, or anything else. I will accept completed ARCs, but if you have a short deadline to launch, I may not make it in time.

In addition to posting a review on this site, I will also post it on Amazon and Goodreads. If there is another site where you would like my review to appear, please let me know when I request a copy of your book.

As will as a written critique, I shall award each book I review a ranking from 5 stars (Wow!) to 0 stars (Sorry, I made a big mistake - not for me!) In considering the work, I will take into account such aspects as plotting, characterisation, flow, originality and a range of editorial matters including voice, structure, pace and, of course, skill with language.

If you'd like me to review your work contact me via this form.  You should include the following:

Your name, e-mail address and the title of your book, a blurb and /or a brief synopsis (maximum 750 words).


Please note: I will only consider requests for reviews submitted via the form. 

If I am interested in reviewing your work, I shall request a full e-book copy (epub, or mobi) from you. If you get that far, please be patient. I have books of my own to write and a life to lead. I work on producing 2 or 3 reviews a month, unless something really grabs me and I can't put it down.

I'm afraid that I'm unable to reply to every request. If you haven't heard from me within 4 weeks, please assume that I'm not interested.