Your name, Please.


O’Malley — Sun Hi O’Malley. People call me Sunny. It means  "goodness, obedient, joyful." I've always figured two out of three ain't bad.


Were you born on Janus?


Yes. In the Outer Levels of the Hyperion Sector.


And were you educated here, on Janus?


After a fashion. I didn’t graduate high school. Both my parents died when I was about  fifteen, so I had to fend for myself.


And how did you do that?


No comment — but as soon as I was old enough I shipped out to Earth and enlisted in PDG ExSec.


Is that where you first met Calder?


We were in the same outfit — Third Hunter-Killer Company, Second Recon platoon.


Did you enjoy the military life?


Some of it — not all. I suppose I get bored easily. They discovered I had an aptitude for systems and tech, as well as weapons. I enjoyed learning new skills, but, most of all, I suppose, I liked the action.


You mean the killing?


We killed a lot of people, yes. There was always some brush war or rebellion going on. I’ve killed some more since I left ExSec and came back to Janus, but I don’t particularly enjoy it. I have no feelings about it one way or the other. It just leaves me cold, but If it comes down to them or me, it's "me" every time.


And how have you earned your living since leaving ExSec, Miss O’Malley?


This and that — bounty hunting, bodyguard, trouble-shooter — you know.


Basically, a gun for hire.


You could call it that, but I can tell you one thing — since I left ExSec, I’ve never killed anybody who didn’t deserve it.


In your opinion…


Most times, your own opinion’s the only one you can really trust.

Do you find trust difficult?

Always have. I don’t like having to rely on other people and I never allow myself to get too close to anybody — you never know when you might have to put a bullet in their head.