The Gangs of Janus

Captain DeMille, you’re in charge of PDG InSec’s covert operations, am I right?


That’s correct.


What does that work entail?


We send undercover agents into the Outer Levels, looking for signs of trouble — rebels, conspirators, criminals planning something which might directly threaten PDG's interests and so on.


What can you tell me about organised crime on Janus?


It’s rife in the Outer Levels — drugs, unlicensed prostitution, extortion, robbery, smuggling and, of course, murder — mostly run by big outfits.


Such as?


Well, amongst the biggest in the PDG Sector are the Tetsuko clan — Japanese. They’re headed up by Satoru Tetsuko, his five sons and three daughters. Then there’s the Shen Collective — Chinese. They grew out of the old Tongs and Triads back on Earth. They and the Tetsukos hate each other, but they’ve never actually gone to war. They’re too fairly evenly matched to risk it, I guess.


And who else?


There’s the Bandulu Posse — a mixture of African and West Indian lowlifes — big in drugs and the protection rackets. The Latino Braves are basically gang-bangers, but they’re mean as hell. And then there’s the Krasskovs — Russians. Their big boss is Nikolai. He runs the outfit with his three sons. They’re not as big as the others, but they could be the smartest.


Is that it?


For the big boys in the PDG Sector, yes. Of course, there’s any number of small-timers — freelancers, petty criminals. The big gangs let them operate for a cut of the proceeds.


Captain DeMille, thank you.


You’re welcome.