The Ultra-conglomerates

During the worldwide economic, social and political chaos which followed the war of 2033, a number of the world’s largest corporations began to expand rapidly on a global scale. Soon, they became so all-encompassing and powerful that they replaced democratically elected governments.


The Ultra-cons offered a “new way” — a package of employment, food, accommodation, education, healthcare and security, in exchange for absolute and unquestioning lifelong loyalty.


Some twenty years after the war, the Ultra-cons ruled the Earth. They owned most things and controlled everything; and were able to introduce a new world-order, designed to suit their own needs and ambitions.


There are 49 major Ultra-conglomerates, chief among which are the Paragon Dynamics Group (PDG), Sunrise and Chronadine Inc. Each of the 49 owns and controls a sector of Janus.

The Ultra-cons provide policing and security through their InSec divisions. Each also has a military arm — External Security, or ExSec.

Initially, the U-cons built Janus as a means of finding doomed humanity a new home, but, when the Janus Gate opened up millions of worlds for exploration and, more importantly for them, exploitation, things changed.