Your name?


They call me Umbra.


Why is that?


Because I live in the fucking shadows, asshole. I’m hard to find and even harder to catch hold of.


What do you do?


Whatever I damn well feel like. You got a problem with that?.


Not at all. Do you have any particular skills?


I have a gift. Had it since I was born, I s’pose. I use it to make a living. People hire me to do things they can't.


And that gift is?


I'm good with systems. I can go places other people can't.

So, you're a hacker?

Mister, I'm the hacker. The best there is.


Who’s the huge man over there in the corner?


That’s my uncle. He looks after me and makes sure I don’t get bothered by assholes like you.


Thank you, Miss Umbra.


‘S okay, I s’pose — You got any ice cream?